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Fury, VTX1300, Sabre, Interstate, Stateline

Fury, VTX1300, Sabre, Interstate, Stateline

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The 3D Hot Rod 2 into 1 is a high quality Hot Rod themed custom exhaust, come equipped with fully-stepped heat shields.  With a unique look and sound, the 3D Hot Rod 2 into 1 sets any bike apart from the rest.  The exhausts are made with 16 gauge mild steel and crafted 100% in the USA.  These exhausts have undeniable strength and dependability due to the detail and precision of the welds. They stand out on their own in appearance, performance and sound.  All of our exhausts are designed and checked by Frankie Serrano himself to maintain the highest of quality standards


  • Models:  Fits all Honda Fury, Interstate, Sabre, Stateline, and VTX 1300. 
  • Compatibility:  Fits all with no modifications needed.  The engine, powertrain and air system are the same for the Honda Fury, Interstate, Sabre, and Stateline so this exhaust will have no problems fitting up and functioning on your motorcycle.  These Motorcycles are only cosmetically different.
  • Finish:  USA Show Quality Chrome
  • Description:  3-Stepped, tight radius, sexy, curved Hot Rod exhaust.  Starts out of the cylinder heads at 1.75” jumping to 2.25” and ending with a 3” outside diameter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this item in stock?  This item is typically in stock, however, a shortage may happen time to time.
  • Do I have to add a fuel controller?  Only if you are changing both exhaust and air intake systems.
  • Does the exhaust come ready to bolt on?  Yes the exhaust comes with everything needed to bolt on and is easy to install.
  • Do the pipes come in black?  Yes you do have an option of ordering the pipes in black.  Limited amount kept in stock.
  • Do I need a professional mechanic to install this product?  No, takes longer to uninstall the stock exhaust.  These exhausts take 10 minutes to install.
  • Does this product have a warranty?  This product has a manufacturer warranty for mechanical defect.  Please check for proper fitment after installing your exhaust.  If you have any questions regarding the pipes DO NOT start the motorcycle.  It will void the warranty.


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