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Frankie Serrano

                    Frankie Serrano is a true master at his craft with a unique approach to his designs and creations. Part cool, part turbulent, his level of industry expertise ensures you are getting a product you would have never been able to get anywhere else: an original Frankie Serrano designed and fabricated exhaust. Frankie's exhausts have won numerous awards from various bike shows and have been featured in articles and on the cover of magazines around the world.

Frankie obtained his Bachelor's degree in computer animation. He continued on to obtain a Master's Degree in computer special effects. After finishing his education, he became a teacher at the Master's level. Disillusioned with computer technology, he threw his computer out the window. He realized he was not made to sit at a desk in front of a computer all day or to work for someone else, but that his true passion and talent was for designing and fabricating exhausts. Frankie went on to AMI (American Motor Institution) and next to welding school where he excelled and achieved various certifications.

Frankie's first job in the motorcycle industry was with Eddie Trotta, (much love to Eddie). Frankie was quickly promoted to the position of head fabricator. Enriched by his experience working for Eddie Trotta, Frankie began working on his own and launched his original designs; culminating in the creation of FSD Exhausts. Frankie's journey was not smooth sailing as he endured numerous obstacles to get to where he is at today.  But it has all been worth it!  Frankie takes pride in his designs and work, focusing on customer's having a great experience be it the production lines or One of a Kind exhaust.

Unlike other companies in the bike industry, the owner Frankie Serrano speaks to the customers and is a part of each step in executing a FSD Exhaust, be it our production lines or a One of a Kind exhaust.  Frankie likes to get his hands dirty and create a master piece for his customers.  There is no other company that offers this!